5 Easy Spring Project Ideas At Lowes and Home Depot

Spring project season is the perfect time to get back outside and enjoy the sights and sounds of spring. Spring brings warm weather, green grass and beautiful flowers. From my experience working at Lowes, here are 5 easy projects anyone can do!

Your Spring Project Can Be Big Or Small

One of the first places you can start this spring is your yard. Whether you live in the city or on a few acres, you can easily start a small garden. Work on that outdoor space to make it your favorite place to be this year. Check out new pots and planters, hammocks or new lawn furniture.

Need to clean up your yard? Tune up that lawn mower or do you need a new one? Maybe go from push mower to riding tractor? Does your deck need cleaning? Maybe this is the year you get that power washer and do some real cleaning on that deck, driveway and free car washes when ever you want!

Clean Patio Furniture, Umbrellas and Fabrics

Outdoor furniture takes a beating throughout the summer and especially if you don’t store it or protect it during fall and winter. Clean off the dirt and grime, tree sap, grass clippings, bird poop, mildew, and whatever else accumulated over the past few months. Most cleaning supplies are low cost and sometimes its just a matter of using a little soap and warm water.

The next time you are at Lowes or Home Depot, get a gallon of Simple Green cleaner. This stuff works great all around the house. Be careful when using bleach, but it does a good job getting rid of mildew and stains on outdoor cushions and fabric.

Build Or Buy A Birdhouse

Birds will be flying to your yard when they see your new birdhouse. This is a simple project that can be made from something like an old mailbox or just a few pieces of wood. If you don’t feel like building your own, you can usually find birdhouses and Lowes and Home Depot from $15-$100. What kind of birds can you expect? Wrens, bluebirds, purple martins, chickadees, finches and tree swallow all search out birdhouses.

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Make sure you keep your feeder full with bird seed, sunflowers and suet. Provide some water too. Get a bird bath because birds need fresh water and a clean water can make your yard even more inviting for birds.

Expand Your Grilling and Cooking Area

Well, lets not call it an outdoor kitchen just yet. Its easy and fairly inexpensive to add a small area with patio blocks to give you a little more room outside. Add a mini-fridge, barbecue grill, a little bistro set with 2 chairs and this “outdoor kitchen” will let you and your friends cook, drink, eat, and be comfortable in the great outdoors.

Add Some Citronella Candles, Torches and Mosquito Plants

All natural mosquito repellent plants and mason jar candles are two of my favorites. You can plant citronella or keep it in a pot. And citronella plants really do repel mosquitoes! Trust me on that one. Citronella and geraniums work wonders at keeping mosquitos and other insects away. Sure, you might need insect spray when you are being attacked, but for the most part I just keep 4-5 plants around the patio and light up the torches or candles at night.

Build A Cinder Block Plant Stand

This one will take a little time but its worth it. A plant stand made of cinder block, it brings a unique look to your back yard and blends in nicely. I saw this last year on Youtube and my husband and I put it together in about 3 hours one day. A great spring project to do together.

Get Ready For Sunshine and Dirty Hands

I hope you enjoy these spring project ideas to try this year! Lets hope it gets the wheels turning and gets you inspired and prepared for both easy and big outdoor projects. Keep motivated, set some goals and a deadline. Even if all you do this spring is plant a few flowers, it will make your yard look better and you will feel better too!

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