Best Canopies At Lowes, Home Depot And Amazon

Looking for a canopy or tent? You can find many canopies today under $100 at Lowes, Home Depot and Amazon.

The biggest hassle with a canopy or tent is usually the set up! Not anymore. Today’s canopies can be set up in about 10 minutes. You may need a few basic tools to complete the set up.

Canopy Brands In Store and Online

  • Lowes Tents and Canopies: EZ UP and Z-Shade
  • Home Depot Tents and Canopies: Hampton Bay, Garden Winds and Costway
  • Amazon Tents and Canopies: EZ Up, Amazon Basics, ABC Canopy, Eurmax and Eagle Peak

One of the most popular brands are the EZ Up brand. Ez Up Instant Shelters and Custom Pop Up Tents come in a range of sizes and are super easy to set up. They are a lightweight shelter which allows you to take it anywhere.

The UV resistant top offers protection from the sun to shade you and your family. The slanted leg design provides additional stability and sets up in seconds. This shelter is perfect for sporting events, backyard parties, the beach and much more.

The Ez Up story. Back in 1983, 21-year-old Mark Carter realized he was missing a few parts to his canopy. With temperatures over 110 degrees and no shade, Mark envisioned a portable pop up shelter that could be set up quickly and easily. The next day, Mark began working on his idea in his parent’s garage in Southern California. He built and refined prototypes and invented his first Instant Shelter.

Find Your Canopy At Amazon Today

Many canopies are under $100. Find many more Canopies, Tents and Instant Shelters at Amazon: Best Selling Amazon Tents and Canopies

I have had a probably 5 tents in the past as we go camping and I do craft shows. This EZ Up tent came with the sides and a heavy weight frame, leg panels and storage bag.

The canvas top is a nice thick canvas, unlike some portable canopies EZ Ups I have bought at Walmart or Costco in the past. Therefore, some may be a little higher priced than what you would pay at Cosco or Sam’s but the quality and little extras you get with it are well worth it.

Easy Canopy Setup

Look for a canopy material that is very thick!. Don’t be fooled by those $59 specials you see at Walmart. A decent canopy starts at around $100 and you can get a really nice one for $250.

Look For A 10 x10 Canopy

A 10 x 10 tent or canopy is really a classic that is the perfect size for most people. The tent comes with almost everything you need, including stakes for the legs and plates onto which you could place additional weights.

You may be able to get by with an 8 x 8 canopy, but remember it fills up fast. A patio table and 4 chairs really sits well in the 10 x 10 size.

Most canopies come with a bag and zipper carry case with wheels. The wheels make the bag easy to carry and move around.

Weights are a probably needed if at a craft show or parking lot on asphalt/concrete. You can’t put stakes there and need something to keep the tent from possibly blowing away.

The only negative thing I could say about setting up a canopy is that it really helps to have two people to set up, though I’ve done it by myself. Another great feature is that everything fits into a zipper bag with a pull handle and wheels. We use ours probably 15 times from spring to fall and hope to get three or four seasons of use out of it.

The canopy by E-Z UP is a lightweight recreational canopy you can easily take anywhere. With a full base, the angled white powder-coated rust resistant steel frame provides additional stability and features a great shaded area.

I’ve tried and seen many brands of canopies. The E-Z UP in my opinion is the best on the market. E-Z UP just keeps perfecting their unique designs. Tents are updated with new innovations and improved features that are designed to enhance your experience and just make it, well, EASY!

The UV-resistant top of the E-Z Up Swift pop up shelter offers protection from the sun to shade you and your family. The slanted leg design of this instant canopy provides additional stability and helps you for setting up quickly.

Do Your Canopy Research

Canopies provide outdoor, camping and backyard shelter and some have a high ceiling for more headroom and works well for sporting events, outdoor parties, the beach and much more.

Most come with a carry bag, ensuring a secure setup and simple transportation. Let your E-Z Up Pop Up Canopy keep you covered and comfortable at your next outdoor gathering.

I would suggest 2 people to set up and take down but in a worse case scenario, it IS manageable to do by yourself if necessary. Very easy with 2 people. Used it at a craft show this weekend and really cut down on the heat from the sun. Several vendors came over just to look at it!

I really like all the tents and canopies that EZ Up makes and hope to get many years of use out of it. E-Z Up canopies and tents are not available at all Lowes but check online at Amazon.

Most Lowes will have EZ-Up, Quik Shade, Z-Shade and and Shade Tech brands available in store and by special order. Special order canopies can take about 2 weeks to arrive. You can also find them at Target, Home Depot and online at Amazon.

By Victoria Stone