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What To Buy At Lowes In April

Last updated on March 30th, 2024 at 08:10 pm

April is here, and for most parts of the country you cant wait to get outside. Lowes has some great deals in April to help get your lawn, garden, patio and deck in shape for summer.

Spring Black Friday will be happening again in April at Lowes stores through the United States. Here are some items that are best to buy in April, and what you should hold off on purchasing.

Lawn Fertilizer, Mulch and Grass Seed.  Just not to early in April. You may have to wait until mid April or so for some of this spring product to arrive in some northern states, but when it does look for deals.  Lowes will have Scotts Fertilizer  on sale in most areas.

Vacuum Cleaners: Speaking of spring cleaning,  it’s the perfect time to buy a new vacuum. New vacuums usually don’t come out until June, so grab the old models now as they’re clearing them out.

Small Kitchen Tools, Appliances and Accessories: As summer graduation season draws closer, you’ll see a lot of sales for common graduation gifts. Kitchen tools and cookware are at the top of the list.  Also start thinking about Mothers Day and Fathers Day.  Look for deals on BBQ Tools for the first major holiday of the summer, Memorial Day.

Snow Blowers:  Last chance to get a deal on a snowblower. April may be the best time to get a deal on a floor display snow blower. Stock may be low after a winter like much of the country has had, but most Lowes stores would rather blow out prices on the few remaining  snow blowers than let them sit for the next six months. They may have already put floor displays in the back of the store or in the overheads, so you will have to ask.

Spring Black Friday Sale

Spring  Black Friday. Over the last few years, Lowes  turns select April weekends into a spring Black Friday. Consumers associate Black Friday sales with big discounts, and the spring version is no exception.  And it really is a great way to kick off the spring selling season. It makes sense because next to the Christmas season, those first few weeks of spring are the busiest for lawn and garden, tools and lumber departments.  Think plants and shrubs, patios, decks, cordless tools, power equipment, pressure washers, etc…

These sales can be a good opportunity to get spring and summer season items at a discount for shoppers who are unwilling or unable to wait until the midpoint of the season for deeper discounts. The dates havn’t been announced yet, but look for two weekends of savings on “special buy” products.

You will have to be quick as most of the items will be one time only orders.  When they are gone, they’re gone. Home Depot, Walmart, Menards and even smaller hardware stores like Ace, got in the act last year. Expect more of the same this year. Look for sales to start just after Easter this year from about April 9th -26th.

What Not To Buy At Lowes In April:

That New BBQ Grill. The best sales on grills, from the most expensive, high-end grills to the low end throw away, will be right before Memorial Day weekend. Thats also the best time to stock up on charcoal. To get the absolute best price on any grill, you have to wait another month or so.  Or take your chances and wait until the season is nearly over.

Most Power Tools and Hand Tools.  Yes, you are going to find some great deals in April on tools, especially during the spring black friday sale, but the best time for real savings on most tools, is during Father’s Day promotions.

Patio Furniture.  Unless you are in desperate need for new patio furniture this year, don’t buy in the spring. Spring sales might encourage people to upgrade their patio furniture but, it’s best to wait until two important summer holiday: Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Why? Patio furniture will definitely be on sale during Memorial Day Weekend. And closer to Labor Day, the end of the summer clearance for big discounts of up to 50%. Of course, the selection may not be as good, but the savings will. Remember, most patio sets will be available for 3-5 years in stores. Buy a few pieces each year at the end of the season and save hundreds on a complete set.

By Victoria Stone

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