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What To Buy At Lowes In July

July is a slow month for retailers, especially after the July 4th weekend, but there are still some decent discounts and deals at Lowes – if you know where to look. Summer’s in full swing, and deals can be had on appliances, patio, fertilizer and paint.

The End Of Summer Is Coming Soon

It’s a tricky month. July means end of summer is around the corner, but it’s too early for fall. Here are a handful of items that may see better prices later this fall, along with a few things that will be good values in July.

After the 4th of July weekend sale event, look for sales to begin on the following weekend and extend through the month. It’s really the only time in July to score a discount on summer items while they’re still in-season and great selection.

The Fourth of July weekend event is an excellent time to get a discount or great price on summer items. Which means you can usually find a deal on a grill during the holiday weekend; gas grills in particular. Look for free assembly and free delivery on gas grills over $399.

You can also get great prices on grill supplies, charcoal, lighter fluid, burners, grill covers and disposable plates, cups, napkins and grill tools. Also look for free propane with any gas grill over $299 this entire month.

Best Home Improvement Deals In July

Here are some items that will be at the best price of the year. But don’t wait for clearance prices on these. Most of these items are sent back to the vendor at the end of the season in a buy back program with Lowes.

What that means is that the items generally do not go on clearance, but are sent back to the manufacturer for full credit. So, no need to mark them down. The only markdowns you will see will be for display items or one of a kind.

Fans: Look for the best prices of the year now. Lowes will have displays of fans and air conditioners at the front of the store.
Garden Hose, Hose Reels and Sprinklers: Look for 100 ft garden hose for less than $40, 75 foot for $30 and 50 foot for $25. Suncast plastic resin hideaway hose reels, for about $45.
Summer Fertilizer: Fertilizer promotions of buy one get one from Scotts and Sta Green Fertilizer through out the month.

July signals the start of clearance for indoor and outdoor garden, patio furniture, plants, trees and shrubs. However, you won’t see markdowns until right after 4th of July. Remember, don’t shop clearance too early.

End Of Season Patio Clearance

Late July into September is the best time to get a real deal on patio furniture. Check out some more clearance secrets here. As the season winds down, patio furniture selection gets less and less, but price gets much better.

Clearance Power Equipment at Lowes in July

Look For Power Equipment. Most Lowes stores will have lawn mowers, tractors, edgers, power washers, even snow blowers at the front of the store most weekends. These are generally going to be customer returns, floor samples or exchanges from earlier in the season.

Sure, they might be slightly used, but most, if not all will come with a manufacturers warranty and a deep discount off regular price.

Make sure you always get the manufacturers warranty. Never buy any type of power equipment without a warranty or “as is”. If the store refuses to offer you a warranty, lower your price or walk away.

How to negotiate a clearance deal at Lowes, Home Depot or Menards

The secret is to make a reasonable offer!

Bottom line is that home improvement retailers like Menards, Home Depot and Lowes want clearance items and closeout items out of the store as fast as possible. They are in business to sell new items not used, dented, returned or damaged.

And just like all clearance items at Lowes, you can negotiate on price all day long! Now, you are not going to walk out of the store with a $600 mower for $50, but $350 would be reasonable. Its simple supply and demand.

If you live in an area with just a few Lowes stores, you may have to shop around and the stores are not as willing to make a deal with you. Some stores will have 20-30 pieces of used power equipment while others may only have 4 or 5. The store with 30 pieces is going to be much more agreeable to your offer.

Stores do not want to keep these items too long. They know used power equipment won’t sell for full price. They have to wait for a customer like you to take a chance that it is as good as new.

That’s where you come in. Most clearance will be around 20%-30% off regular retail to start. Think of the last time you bought a used car. Same idea. Buying clearance is give and take. It starts with making an offer. Wait for a counter offer. “Reasonable Offer” is the key. If you offer somewhere in the ballpark of 50% off regular retail, expect to take home a deal!

By Victoria Stone

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