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Best Time To Buy At Lowes-What To Buy In June

Last updated on May 25th, 2024 at 12:57 pm

Feeling the summer heat yet? June means warmer temperatures, graduations, Fathers Day, family reunions and much more.  June is a great month for deals at Lowes. Here are the best things to buy this month.  As graduation season draws closer, you’ll see a lot of sales for common graduation gifts.

Kitchen tools and cookware are at the top of the list, so even if you aren’t heading off to college or moving  in to your first apartment,  take advantage of the sales to stock up on any must-have kitchen tools now.

Tools.  They make for some pretty good deals come Father’s Day. Whether you’re buying for dad, brother, uncle, friend or maybe yourself, take this opportunity to stock up on hand and power tools at Lowes. Make sure to shop just before Father’s Day for the best price and selection as some items will be limited quantity.

Tools rarely go on sale, except for Fathers Day and Christmas,  so this time of year tools are easy gifts for Father’s Day.

Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase whatever tools you’ll need to make home repairs and improvements during the summer and fall months. There will be tool sales in June to entice shoppers to buy a turbo charged something or other for dad on Father’s Day, but your best advice is to keep it simple.

Don’t go overboard on expensive tool kits with pieces you never use.  Stick to power drills, socket sets, maybe a laser lever and don’t forget about a tool pouch or bag.

What To Buy In June

Grills. Of course, we can’t mention grilling without pointing out that deals on grills will be less than thrilling in June.  You can still get a good deal, but your best time to buy a grill was in May around Memorial Day. You can still get a decent price on low end to medium priced grills.

You’ll get a better discount if you wait till after Labor Day now.  Wait a little and save as much as $200 or more on a mid- to high-end grill later in the season or pick up a real deal and buy an end of season display model.

Exterior paint.  If you plan on doing some painting outside of your home, now is the time to grab some bargains on  exterior paint. Lowes will offer $5 off gallons and $10 off 5 gallon pails most of June.  Look for a special $10 off gallons and $40 off 5 gallon pails this Fathers Day only.

The warm weather makes it a great time to start painting, and Lowes will be working with Valspar and Olympic brands to provide you with an excellent savings opportunity some great prices.  June is also the last good month to do exterior painting before the summer heat kicks in.  You do not want to start a paint project with July and August temperatures in the mid 80’s to 90’s.

What Not To Buy In June

High End Grills and Patio Furniture.  The higher end grills are not as cheap as they will be in the fall. You may find 10% or 15% off here and there, but your best deals of the year end with Memorial Day weekend.

The high end grills, priced over $1500, will soon be taking up valuable floor space that will be used for fall items, and the prices will be cut.   Get an even better deal buy purchasing the floor display. Your patience will be rewarded.

Same with patio furniture.  Unless its at least 35% off, wait until the end of summer to buy any patio furniture.  The selection won’t be as good, but remember, you get the best deals on patio furniture if you buy over a 3 year period at the end of the season.

By Victoria Stone

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