What To Buy At Lowes In December

It’s December, its Christmas, its crazy time. Shopping Lowes in December can be hectic! Although you can find good prices, not everything is going to be a good deal.

Online shoppers will spend more money this month than any other. With Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping season, December is a month when you almost can’t avoid shopping.

The holiday season is different than other months of the year as you need gifts for loved ones, friends, co-workers and people you barely know.

What To Buy At Lowes In December

Lowes will have deals all month long especially on appliances, tools and Christmas decorations. December bargains from manufacturer websites should also have information about when new models will be released in the new year.

If your looking for a clearance item, and have your eye on an older model and a new model is soon to be released, it may be worth the wait in order to buy it at a lower price in January.

One item I always wait to buy? Wall Calenders and Planners. If you can, wait until late January to purchase calendars and planners. These items won’t be discounted during December, but they will start dropping soon after.

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Here’s a list of some of the best Christmas gifts you can buy in December. You can’t buy everything for Christmas at Lowes! But you can try…

– Fitness and Workout Gear- Early December
– HDTV’s – Early December
– Jewelry- Early December, but better deals in January
– Laptops and Computers- Mid December
– Christmas Toys -Mid December
– Video Games and Players like the PS4 and Xbox-Mid December
– Winter Coats, Boots, Gloves and Scarves- Just before Christmas
– Small Kitchen Appliances-Just before Christmas

Lowes Tools & Hardware Deals

Does Dad want a new drill for Christmas this year? Perfect! The demand for tools is very high in December, so in an effort to continue to promote these items, Lowes stores have tools located everywhere and there really is something for everyone.

December is an excellent time for tool and hardware deals as prices will vary from less than $10 for a small wrench set to several hundred dollars for power tools and accessories. While the volume of deals dips after Black Friday, there’s still an above-average number of discounts on power tools, wrench and screwdriver sets, drills, lawn-care tools, and more.

Buy Christmas Decorations … After Christmas

At this point, it’s common knowledge that holiday decorations see their greatest discounts after the holiday in question has passed, and this is no different for Christmas. Lowes will generally lower the price of decorations by 25% the week of Christmas.

Look for gift wrap, gift bags, ribbon & bows, stockings, Christmas trees, lights, Christmas candles and much more.

If you wait until December 26, you’ll probably see discounts of 50% to 70% off. However, the selection will not be as great as before Christmas. And don’t forget the other big name stores out there.

If you are like me, you will also look to Target, Walmart, Kohls,Kmart, JC Penney and Home Depot for after Christmas deals.

Deals on Kitchen Items and Appliances

Although we noted that November sees the greatest number of cookware and kitchen deals, many sales and discounts carry over into December and result in a number of great buys. Look instore and online for cutlery sets, bakeware, small appliances, and more from Macy’s, Kohl’s, Amazon, Williams Sonoma, and Sears.

When it comes to appliances, forget those door buster one of a kind deals. You dont want that $5 toaster. Lowe’s is having some serious sales this month on all name brand small appliances that aren’t the watered down versions that you see on Black Friday.

Get Deals On Toys If You Wait

Of course it’s the best time of the year to buy toys! But you must time it just right. Many of the year’s top toys hit their lowest prices of the season during the middle of the month. Specifically about 2 weekends before Christmas.

Keep in mind, however, that toy shopping just a few days before Christmas is probably not good; retailers know that last-minute shoppers are desperate and have less time to comparison shop. So, if its in front of you as you walk in the store, chances are you will buy it.

What Not to Buy in December

Skip Buying Jewelry for the Holidays. Jewelry stores know you are going to buy at this time of year and simply do not offer you the best deals. But they have you in a corner in December. Jewelry just doesn’t see its best discounts of the year until after Christmas.

Savings exist, but you likely won’t be getting the best deal till after the holidays. However, you can still try to get a discount through online and department store coupons that apply to jewelry. Many stores, such as Macy’s, JC Penny and Kohls, frequently exclude jewelry from these offers.

For Electronics Deals, Wait Until The New Year. Want that new computer, television, cell phones, DVD player or iPod? If you didn’t jump on the electronics deals during the Black Friday sales weekend, then you might as well wait until January and February to buy a digital camera, TV, or other device.

Thinking About a New Refrigerator in December? Its a great time to buy all appliances, except refrigerators. You many want to wait until April. Here’s why you should wait to buy that new refrigerator till spring: When to buy appliances.

Enjoy December and have a great holiday season!

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