Choosing A New Push Mower

Last updated on April 20th, 2024 at 03:44 pm

Ready to find your perfect lawn mower? Visit your nearest Lowe’s store or explore our online selection today. Lowes user-friendly website and helpful product descriptions make it easy to compare options and make a confident decision. And don’t forget to check out special promotions and discounts to maximize your savings.

A healthy lawn can greatly improve your home’s overall look and appeal, and a good lawn mower makes lawn maintenance a simple and enjoyable task.  Lowes push mowers are comfortable to use and a good fit for any size lawn.

Whether you want the classic look and feel of a manual reel mower or all of the features of a heavy-duty gas-powered mower, you’ll be able to find a model that’s an ideal match for your lawn care needs.

A quality lawn mower makes lawn maintenance easier and somewhat enjoyable. Make sure you choose a lawn mower that is comfortable to use and makes sense for the size of your lawn.

At Lowes you will find the classic manual reel mower or all of the features of a heavy-duty gas-powered mower and bagger.  Search out the different models and features until you find one that’s a match for your lawn care needs.

As you shop for your mower, consider the size of your yard and the type of terrain.  Also, who will use the mower and the desired convenience & performance features that you need.

Types of  Push Mowers

There are a wide range of Lowes push mowers to choose from. Some models have more available features, such as adjustable blade heights or push button starting. Others have front or rear wheel drive.

Depending on your personal budget, finding a mower to meet your lawn care needs should not be a difficult task.

Today’s lawn mowers provide many benefits to you and your yard when mowing your lawn. Features like low emissions, quiet operation and fuel efficiency.

Mulching, bagging and self propelled technology to match your mowing pace will make walk behind mowers easier use.  Lowes  carries reel mowers and electric mowers, including cordless models that run on rechargeable batteries.

Shop from an extensive selection of Lowes push mowers from nationally known brands such as Toro, Troy-Bilt,  Bolens, Honda and Husqvarna. Many models have features such as multi-blade cutting systems, variable self-propelled speeds and electric start systems.  You can also find quality lawn mower parts for many brands at the stores and on the Lowes website.

Here’s a great video from Consumer Reports on lawn mower selection:

Push Mower Features


Self-propelled mowers move automatically with single or multi-speed with ranges of 1-3.5 MPH. You can also choose front or rear wheel drive depending on your yard terrain.

Front wheel drives are best suited for flat terrain while rear wheel drives adapt well to any terrain, including hills and areas with tough grass types. If buying a mower that bags clippings, a self-propelled model will make it easier to handle the additional weight, which may add an additional 20-30 pounds.

Electric Start

Some models of Lowes push mowers eliminate pull starts with a convenient electric starter. With the simple touch of one button, getting your mower to fire up becomes an easy task.

Variable Speed

A great benefit of variable speed is it allows you to go slow if you’re working in close to obstacles such as trees or planting beds, and go faster when you’re mowing out in the open. It also helps when you have different people who operate the mower and prefer different speeds.

Lowes Push Mower Selection

Most Lowes stores will have lawn mowers from Troy Bilt, Bolens, MTD and Husqvarna. From $99 reel type mowers from Earthwise to self propelled baggers from Troy-Bilt around $400. A small flat yard requires only a typical walk-behind mower.

If your yard is sloped or hilly, you will want to consider a self-propelled walk-behind mower rather than one you will have to push. A walk-behind mower with big back wheels is easier to maneuver across rough terrain.

Care must be taken when mowing on slopes and hills. If you are using a riding mower, mow up and down the incline, never across the incline.

With a walk-behind mower, always mow across the incline, and never pull a mower backwards towards your feet. Put safety first, and always dress appropriately when using your mower.

Finally, take into account your age and physical condition when researching new Lowes push mowers. A self-propelled mower may be appropriate for even a very small yard if pushing a lawn mower is physically difficult. Likewise, a riding mower may be the right choice for a half-acre yard if you are unable to walk easily behind a mower.

Visit your nearest Lowe’s store or explore the online selection today. Discover how easy it is to have a well-manicured lawn and experience the satisfaction that comes with having a high-quality lawn mower from Lowe’s.

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