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Christmas Trees and Decorations

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 12:39 am

Memories are made around the Christmas tree every holiday season. That’s why selecting Christmas trees are so important. Whether you’re searching for a traditional evergreen, an artificial flocked Christmas tree that looks like it’s covered with snow or a skinny Christmas tree that fits perfectly in the corner, there is a Christmas tree for you.

Lowe’s Christmas Clearance

Looking for Lowe’s Christmas clearance items? Generally, Lowes will start to markdown Christmas items 30% off around December 21st. Look for the big savings starting the day after Christmas at 50% off. What ever is left by News Years day will be up to 90% off!

Here’s the latest on this years Christmas clearance items: Lowes Christmas Clearance.

Lowe’s Potted Christmas Trees

Potted Christmas trees are available in most stores starting November 23rd. You can find your local Lowe’s store selection here. Potted Christmas tree types will vary by location but you may be able to have one shipped to you.

Most stores will have a Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree this year. It makesan excellent addition to your Christmas decorations this season and can be planted after the season is over. It’s a 1-gallon pot with a decorative red sleeve and can be enjoyed for years to come. Decorate with ornaments, lights and ornaments.

Find Your Christmas Tree

There’s no need to worry about finding perfect Christmas trees this season. We’re here to help you with every step of the decision-making process. You may find your perfect tree at Lowes or Home Depot, your neighborhood Christmas tree lot or even online at Amazon.

Once you’ve made your choice,what goes on and under your Christmas tree is entirely up to you!

Real vs Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way. They’re a lot more realistic, easier to put together, and beautifully lit with just the right number of lights. And a real Christmas tree is hard to beat too! Sure, you have to deal with those needles falling off but nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas tree during the holiday season.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Taking a plastic tree out of storage every year isn’t quite the same as heading to a Christmas tree farm or local lot and bringing home a fresh, live tree. For many people an evergreen is a festive symbol of family tradition and nostalgia. The smell of fresh pine needles might be the most memorable scent of the holidays. You can always light an evergreen candle, but it’s hard to find something that comes close to the scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Real Christmas Trees

Yes, real Christmas trees are fabulous, but they do bring some high-maintenance with them. One of the obvious reasons to get an artificial tree is to eliminate the watering, cleaning up the falling needles, and trimming a real tree so it looks just right. And you won’t need to take it to the end of the driveway after the holidays.

Types of Christmas Trees

The Cost Of A Christmas Tree

A good quality artificial tree can cost between $100-$500. And it will last about 10 years. Real Christmas trees can usually be found for $25- $60. If you shop for your tree at the local nursery or tree lot, you can probably haggle on the price too. Of course both real and artificial trees will get cheaper as you get closer to Christmas, but the selection will be a little sketchy. Best to shop early no matter which type you are going to purchase.

Lets Not Forget Christmas Lights and Decor

Let’s Talk Christmas Lights

Decorating the tree is can be part of the tradition too. Your unlit Christmas trees can look good, but its still going to need decorated. You can save time and effort by buying a pre-lit Christmas tree. And most now use LED or fiber optic lights. Don’t for about remote-control Christmas trees and trees controlled by your phone which allow you to change the color of the lights simply by clicking a button.

Worried about the cost of all those extra lights inside and out? Check out my post on the cost of LED Christmas lights. You can switch from the older style and save energy and lower your electric bills. 

The Debate Will Always Be There

The “real vs fake” Christmas tree debate hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Choosing between a real Christmas tree and an artificial one can be a tough choice. However, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both types of trees can help you make an easier decision.

Weighing the pros and cons, your Christmas tree, decor and lights need to be something you’re going to love. So bring that magic into your home this season. Find your tree, your holiday lighting and enjoy the holidays.

It may depend on whether you enjoy convenience over authenticity. It could be budget constraints that keep you from buying that expensive Christmas tree. Or it could just be you enjoy a real tree and the memories it brings back and the new memories it creates.

Lowes Christmas Trees and Ornaments

You can find all of the real and artificial Christmas trees at Lowes right now.

Lowes Christmas Trees

  • Fresh cut
  • Artificial
  • Pre lit trees
  • Flocked trees
  • Slim trees
  • Christmas string lights
  • Tree skirts
  • Christmas lights
  • Tree stands

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