Class Action Lawsuit Titanium Drill Bits

If you purchased titanium and cobalt drill bits from April 13, 2015, to October 13, 2021, from Black & Decker, you may be eligible to receive a share of a class action lawsuit settlement fund.

These drill bits were sold at many retailers including Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Wal Mart and Amazon.

Covered Drill Bits and/or Covered Saw Blades, for personal use, from April 13, 2015, to October 13, 2021.

  • Covered drill bits sold under the Craftsman, Irwin, DEWALT, MAC Tools, Bostich (Titanium products only), and Matco (Cobalt products only) brands
  • Certain Titanium covered saw blades offered under the DEWALT and Lenox brands.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendant Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. falsely advertised the composition of the drill bits and saw blades products. You can find out more by visiting the settlement website:

As part of this Settlement agreement, the defendant agreed to modify the products’ packaging and provide payments to customers. The defendant denies any wrongdoing.

On March 18, 2022, the Court will hold a Final Approval Hearing in person or by video to determine whether to approve the Settlement and award Attorneys’ Fees of up to $360,000 plus Expenses of up to $15,000, as well as up to $2,500 to the Class Representative.

Who is included in the Settlement?

You may be included in the Settlement if you purchased Covered Drill Bits and/or Covered Saw Blades for personal use between April 13, 2015 and October 13, 2021.

What does the Settlement provide?

The Settlement will provide up to a maximum of $1,627,500 to pay Valid Claims, as well as other fees and expenses. Settlement Class Members can receive up to $8.00, depending on their total purchases and the number of claims that are submitted. The final amounts paid for valid claims may be reduced based on total number of claims received.

What is a class action lawsuit?

In a typical class action, a plaintiff sues a defendant or a number of defendants on behalf of a group, or class, of absent parties. This differs from a traditional lawsuit, where one party sues another party, and all of the parties are present in court.

Class action lawsuits can give your small claim more opportunities when combined with other similarly affected people. In turn, class action lawsuits help the courts by not having to hear every single small claim that comes their way.

Although standards differ between states and countries, class actions are most common where the allegations usually involve at least 40 people who the same defendant has injured in the same way.

Instead of each damaged person bringing his or her own lawsuit, the class action allows all the claims of all class members, whether they know they have been damaged or not, to be resolved in a single proceeding.

You can find out more about this titanium drill bit lawsuit by visiting the settlement website:

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