Cordless Stick Vacuums

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 02:25 pm

Cordless stick vacuums are so convenient and easy to use that they feel almost fun to use. Lowes cordless stick vacuums are in store and online. In your search for the best cordless stick vacuum you will find that they are easy to use, but they do have a few flaws.

While you can find a stick vac in the same price range as an upright or canister vacuum, some stick vacs are high priced and do not perform like a canister or upright vacuum. Stick vacuums are efficient at cleaning rooms with hard floors, kitchens, carpet and rugs. They are efficient and reliable for getting rid of stubborn dust and dirt that get accumulated in your home daily. 

The best stick vacuum for you depends on your home and expectations of performance, but here are three stick vacs we really like.

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What Is A Stick Vacuum?

There are several stick vacuums available at Lowes and Home Depot. Tineco, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Dyson, Shark, Bissell and Black & Decker just to name a few. A stick vacuum is a type of upright vacuum, but it’s more lightweight and less powerful. A stick vacuum doesn’t have a bag to trap debris. Instead, they use a dirt cup or canister that has to be emptied between uses. body.

They are compact and portable. A cordless stick vacuum can be carried around easily and is relatively simple to use. Some even convert to a handheld vacuum, making them ideal for stairs or cleaning up your vehicle.

Stick vacuums also work great in hard-to-reach places like around furniture due to their compact size.

What to Look for in a Good Stick Vacuum

Cordless tick vacuums come at a range of prices and features. The more powerful the features, the more expensive the vacuum. To choose the best one for you, you need to know what you need a stick vacuum for, and what features you need yours to have.

Cordless – Uses batteries that are replaceable, or it docks onto a charger. They allow for ultimate portability giving you the freedom to clean everywhere. This leaves your battery power limited so if you’re cleaning a big house, it won’t last very long as your main vac.

Corded – Plug in to any electrical outlet and you have an endless power supply. You can always add an extension cord for greater range. Most consumers find that corded stick vacuums have greater durability than cordless stick vacuums.

Your Vacuuming Schedule

Stick vacuums are well suited to light and frequent use, such as cleaning the carpet in a small apartment everyday or so. For bigger spaces snfd those who vacuum only once a week and must remove more dirt, a more powerful upright or canister vacuum would be a better option.

Size vs. Strength

Instead of a bulky bag or canister, stick vacuums feature a tube or cup that’s only about 4 inches in diameter to hold debris. Being so compact makes these models easy to store especially if you have limited storage space. But their small motors simply can’t deliver the power of full-size vacuums. A stick vacuum can clean dirt and debris from hardwood, concrete, and tile, and a bristled rolling brush can help it handle carpet with a low pile. Skip the stick if you’ve got thick carpet or floors soiled by a lot of heavy use.

Stick Vacuums Cord vs. Cordless

A stick vacuum cleaner with a cord offers a steady supply of power and suction. Cordless stick vacuums can go anywhere, but the suction level wanes as the battery life drains.A cordless model may need a recharge after 20-30 minutes. Charging time can take from 1 to 4 hours to reach a full charge. Cordless stick vacuums are great because of their portability and that makes them ideal for vacuuming small rooms.

Stick Vacuums Voltage 

When comparing cordless vacuum models, be sure to consider voltage: Higher voltage translates into a longer running time. A model with 20V can typically run for about 15 minutes on one charge. The best cordless stick vacuums use a highly efficient lithium-ion battery which will charge faster and last longer than NiCD and NiMH batteries. Some cordless stick vacuums come with a second spare battery which can double runtime.

Stick Vacuums Noise

Stick vacuums emit slightly less noise than an upright or canister vacuums. About 70 to 75 decibels. Vacuums designed to be quieter can still emit approximately 60 decibels. While running a stick vacuum probably won’t make a lot of noise, it could wake a baby in a nearby room or keep family members from being able to hear the television.

If You Have Pets

Pets can shed fur and dander that can trigger allergies and leave hair on carpets and furniture. A stick vacuum with a roller brush is optimal for getting up pet hair. Some models come with optional powerheads that attach to a handheld conversion, making them well equipped for vacuuming pet hair from furniture and stairs.

Stick vacuum care and maintenance

The battery is the most delicate and expensive part of a cordless vacuum so it’s wise to maintain battery health. Store it as you would any lithium-ion battery in a cool, dry place. If you don’t plan to use it for a while, leave the pack half-charged.

Companies also tend to recommend that you avoid overusing the maximum suction setting on your vacuum. You should also let the battery pack cool off for a few minutes after use before you plug it in to recharge.

As always read your owners manual for maintenance recommendations. Some brands suggest it’s best to keep cordless stick models as close to fully charged as possible and recharge after each use.

Besides batteries, cordless vacuums need most of the same type of maintenance as any other vacuum. At least a few times a year it’s a good idea to clean the filters and if necessary the brush roller and unclog the intake.

Are stick vacuums worth it?

For those living in small apartments, a stick vacuum can serve as the primary home vacuum. Those living in larger homes may want to consider a stick vacuum as a second vacuum that’s used mainly for quick, frequent cleaning,

It’s a more lightweight and typically smaller style vacuum that can be used with a variety of attachments. The motor and suction head are located in the same unit, so you simply push it back and forth in front of you to clean. Some models are cordless, operating on a rechargeable battery for a short period of time before they need recharging.

Stick Vacuum ProsStick Vacuum Cons
Small, lightweight and portableNot be as powerful as canister vacuum
Not as noisy as traditional uprightsHard to clean stairs if it’s corded
Easy to store when not in useCordless models only run for a limited time per charge
Powerful suctionLess powerful than a corded vacuum

Final Thoughts

Today’s cordless stick vacuums are a far cry from their bagged and corded vac models of a few years ago. They’re compact, lightweight and powerful. Powerful enough to tackle most jobs around apartments or smaller homes and even taking care of tasks like vacuuming up pet hair.

Which type of vacuum you select will largely depend on the size, layout, and the flooring in your home. Also consider the surfaces you want to clean and your overall preferences. If you just want something for quick clean-ups of floors and stairs, a cordless stick vacuum would be ideal. If you have pets, larger home and different floor surfaces you want to vacuum, like blinds and furniture, a canister or upright vacuum would probably make more sense.

Our Favorite Cordless Stick Vacs

  • Tineco A10 Dash
  • Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin
  • Dirt Devil power stick
  • Eureka Flash Stick vacuum
  • Eureka Rapidclean Pro
  • Shark Duoclean Rocket
  • Hoover Impulse cordless vacuum
  • Dyson V11 Cordless vacuum

When deciding to buy a good stick vacuum, you’ll need to take all of the features into consideration to make sure you buy the right one for your needs. What type of cleaning will you require for the floors you have? This will determine what type of vacuum you need.

A stick vacuum is probably best as the main vacuum for small houses or apartments with hard floors and minimum carpet. It is a useful for fast clean-ups, getting to tight spaces and cleaning other surfaces. They are super lightweight and easy to carry and use plus they are even portable enough to take almost anywhere.

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