Craftsman Leaf Blowers And Attachments

Craftsman leaf blowers help you get rid of the leaves piling up in the yard and your once beloved rake looking all the more unattractive. If you are thinking about getting a leaf blower, take a look at the Craftsman leaf blowers available today. Craftsman leaf blowers are available in gas, electric and cordless models.

The Difference Between Craftsman Gas, Electric and Cordless Leaf Blowers

There are many differences between gas, electric and cordless leaf blowers and while one is not obviously better than another, each will have pros and cons. Depending on your yard and number of trees you have you will find that one works better for you.

Craftsman leaf Blowers. The Power Source

You will have three choices for power. Gas, Electric and Battery powered. Craftsman gas powered leaf blowers are generally going to be more powerful than electric or cordless blowers—especially when compared to cordless battery powered leaf blowers.

However, if you are looking to get a smaller hand-held leaf blower and not have to worry about another gas can in your garage, then cordless leaf blowers or battery operated leaf blowers are an option with just as much power as a small to medium sized gas leaf blower.

These are convenient and simple leaf blowers to operate. With a battery-powered Craftsman leaf blower all you have to do charge the battery and insert the battery pack for instant power. With a Craftsman electric leaf blower all you have to do is plug it in to the nearest outlet.

Pros and Cons of Gas, electric and cordless

It’s easy to see that corded leaf blowers are great as long as you are near a electric outlet or have a long extension cord to reach all the spots on your property. Craftsman electric leaf blowers are the number one choice if you have a short driveway and power on at least two sides of your house. 100′ electric cords can be a hassle to deal with so keep that in mind. First, you are limited by the length of your cord. Secondly, you also have to drag a cord around with you while being careful not to pull the cord too far and unplug the cord.

Gas powered Craftsman leaf blowers require some technical know how and maintenance to operate and keep running. Also, it can take multiple pulls on the pull cord to get it started. So it can require some strength to get started which makes it a less likely choice for older folks.

In addition you will need to keep a gas can ready to fill up your blower and perform some general maintenance like changing a spark plug or air filter to keep it running smoothly. Though caring for gas leaf blowers often is seen as a disadvantage compared to its counterparts, you cannot overlook the extra power and portability of a gas-powered leaf blower.

Take a good look at the pros and cons of each leaf blower. Doing your research will pay off when you do not buy a model that really isn’t right for you.

Craftsman Leaf Blowers Run Times

When you start blowing leaves you don’t want to have a lot of down time. Your run time is very important and you can’t stop to re-charge your batter or re-fuel the gas tank. As long as you have electricity, then corded and batter leaf blowers will run forever. Gas blowers can run upwards of 20 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the gas tank and can easily be restarted after refueling.

Stay away from the budget line of Craftsman battery operated leaf blowers. These battery blowers will have run time of about 10 minutes. Look for a blower that provides a minimum of 20 minutes run time. Battery size, temperature and the speed that you run the leaf blower all contribute to the run time between charges.

Craftsman Leaf Blowers Cost

Craftsman corded blowers are typically significantly cheaper than a battery or gas-powered blower. Corded leaf blowers will start at $65 for the Craftsman 12-Amp CMEBL700.

Craftsman gas-powered blowers cost varies greatly depending on the engine size, but most gas blowers are still less expensive than battery-powered models. The Craftsman B215 gas leaf blower is about $139.

Craftsman battery powered leaf blowers are usually the most expensive as the battery itself often costing about as much as the blower. However, don’t let that deter you from going green! The ease of use and run time make it an excellent choice.

Choosing a Craftsman Leaf Blower Model

For home use, a handheld leaf blower gets the job done fast. Here are three Craftsman leaf blowers that could work for you:

1. Corded. CRAFTSMAN Electric Leaf Blower. Model CMEBL700

For a low price, you can buy a corded leaf blower with a decent amount of power. However, you should keep in mind that you will need extension cords which do not come with the blower.

  • Power: 230 MPH/385 CFM
  • Run Time: No Limit
  • Cost: $64.99

2. Gas. Craftsman Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Model B215

For about twice as much, you can buy a gas powered leaf blower. While the power level is a bit lower than the corded, you are able to blow a larger area with an airflow rate of 430 cubic feet a minute (CFM).

  • Power: 200 MPH/430 CFM
  • Run Time: About 45 minutes on a full tank
  • Cost: $139.99

3. Battery. CRAFTSMAN Cordless LEaf Blower Model CMCBL720D2.

Lastly, if you get a battery operated for a bit more money you will get the most convenient blower but one that is slightly less powerful than gas or corded models. Get an extra battery and the run time isn’t a that big of a deal. Go green and help the environment!

  • Power: 100 MPH/350 CFM
  • Run Time: 15 to 20 Minutes
  • Cost: $299.00 with extra battery pack

Leaf Blower Attachments

Most attachments come right in the box, but Craftsman leaf blower attachments are available through the Craftsman website and most Lowes stores. You can also find parts and accessorizes on Amazon.

Common attachments are blower bags, rain gutter kits, hose kits and replacement hoses and nozzles. before purchasing any make sure it is compatible with your blower. Don’t forget to keep a new spark plug and air filter handy if you buy a Craftsman gas powered leaf blower. Keep some basic tools on hand too.

Some popular Craftsman leaf blower attachments are:

  • Mulcher kits for blower/vacuums
  • Additional leaf bag
  • Disposable leaf bags
  • Replacement nozzle ends
  • Rain gutter cleaning kits
  • Cleaning attachments and harness straps

Craftsman Leaf Blowers Get The Job Done

You can count on the Craftsman brand to bring you a dependable and reliable leaf blower. Pick the blower for your needs and price range and you will be happy with a Craftsman. They are light weight and compact and will provide years of leaf blowing and yard cleaning. With gas, cordless, and corded Craftsman leaf blowers you will get the power you need and the trusted Craftsman name that you trust.

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