Kitchen Updates For Less Than You Think

A kitchen remodel is the usually the most expensive room to make any improvements to. Even simple kitchen update projects like painting the walls, replacing a few cabinets or new sinks and faucets can cost $5,000 or more. But there are some kitchen remodel ideas you can do that will cost under $5,000 and everything can be bought at Lowes, Home Depot or Menards.

Start With A New Window or Two

New windows are often overlooked with doing a kitchen update. New kitchen windows will improve the lighting and be energy efficient. Installing new windows help brighten the room and provide the perfect balance between natural light and ventilation. The kitchen is for cooking, and cooking can produce a lot of steam, cooking odors and smoke.

Finally, new windows can reflect a little bit of who you are. Choose from Colonial, Victorian, farmhouse, prairie, divided or many other styles. Just don’t go for the cheapest window you can find. Look for a good 20 year-lifetime warranty window. Cost is about $1,500 installed.

Replace The Sink and Faucet

The sink and faucet are the most used kitchen spaces often getting used daily. You rarely will need to replace your sink, but faucets break down and wear out quite often. You can probably replace a few O-rings in the faucet but eventually you will need to replace. And a faucet can be replaced while leaving in your existing sink.

When it does come time to update your old kitchen sink, there are a few material options like ceramic, granite and classic stainless steel to choose from. Farmhouse sinks with a deeper and wider area to wash and soak dishes, pots and pans. New sink cost is $400-$2,500 installed.

Open Shelving Above the Counter

This is a new one but gaining in popularity. The simple way is just taking the doors off the cabinets on the upper levels. Inexpensive way to update the kitchen! You can also remove the upper cabinets completely and replace with shelving.

You will want to go slow with this kitchen update. I started with removing the doors on just one set of upper cabinets and I liked it. I ended up removing one entire section of cabinets and replaced with open shelving. Cost of open shelving $300-$1,500 installed.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Even if its just painting one wall, you will be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint will do. I always like to have an accent wall in my kitchen. One wall that is a different color than the rest. And I always like a white ceiling no matter what color the walls are. Just seems to brighten the room up and makes it feel a little cozier.

Cost of paint is about $35 a gallon for good quality paint at Lowes and Home Depot. Try Lowes Sherwin Williams or Valspar or Home Depot’s Behr brand. Even though I like Menards, I’m not a fan of their Dutch Boy paint.

Replacing Or Updating Kitchen Cabinets

This one can be expensive but there are many ways to complete a kitchen update for under $5,000. For starters, you don’t need to replace. You can always re-paint or re-stain your existing cabinets.

If you are going to replace and are on a budget always look at in stock cabinets first. In addition to being cheaper than custom cabinets, you can look at them in store and take them with you that day.

Now, even though I stay away from Menards paint, I love their kitchen cabinets! Menards KlearVue cabinets are amazing. Great styles and colors and door options. Stay away from the lower end brands at Lowes and Home Depot. Cost of new cabinets are about $300-$1,000 each installed.

Kitchen Update Options and Trends

Whether you’re looking for small or big kitchen update ideas there are always several directions to meet your needs and goals. And it’s one of those remodels that you can enjoy for years to come. Don’t forget about adding value to your home also.

Kitchen updates generally provide the most added value to your home. Much more lasting value than new carpet or a basement updates. Sometimes a kitchen update is just what you need to bring a breath of fresh air to your home.

By Victoria Stone

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