Lowes Home Depot Poinsettia Black Friday

Update: 11/21: Check back often as Black Friday items may change. This .99 cent poinsettia has been a customer favorite for years at Lowes and Home Depot.

Update: Looks like the .99 cent poinsettia is not available this year. Most stores will be priced at 2 for $3.00.

Lowes and Home Depot Black Friday Poinsettia for .99 cents! Native to western Mexico, where they grow wild as shrublike plants reaching 15 feet tall, poinsettias have been transformed into the colorful holiday house plants we love. Poinsettias are a holiday favorite plant that bring a splash of festive red and green to the table or windowsill.

Lowes and Home Depot will both have the regular priced $3.98 Poinsettia on sale for .99 for Black Friday weekend.

What Do You Get For 99 Cents?

Many retailers will feature Black Friday deals and one that has been going on for years now is the 99 cent Poinsettia at Lowes and Home Depot. You will probably find them at Wal Mart and Menards too. But are they a deal?

At 99 cents, those poinsettias are cheap. But in reality, considering their regular $3.98 price, they are pretty good. As a result, consumers buy them up.

Ninety-nine cent poinsettias bring in shoppers. Those shopping at Home Depot and Lowe’s on Black Friday aren’t just purchasing one poinsettia. They’re usually buying the 10-poinsettia limit for the holiday season.

In an attractive bowl, planted with one or two, it makes a wonderful winter gift. Be sure the plant is well wrapped when you take it outside on your trip home because exposure to low temperatures for even a short time can injure the leaves. Unwrap the plant as soon as possible because the stems of the leaves can droop and twist if the plant is left wrapped for too long.

Poinsettia Shopping Tips and Care

Care Tips: For maximum plant life, place your poinsettia near a sunny window Or Some other well-lighted areas Do not let any part of the plant touch cold window panes. Poinsettias are tropical plants and are usually grown at temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees F in greenhouses.

With care, the poinsettia can reflower after the initial display when purchased. The red blooms should be pruned, and the plant can be moved outdoors if the temperature is above 60 degrees or after the last frost.

Poinsettias do not tolerate warm or cold drafts so keep them away from radiators, air registers, and fans as well as open windows or doors. Place your poinsettia in a cooler room at night (55 to 60 degrees is ideal) to extend the blooming time. 

Examine the soil daily and water only when it feels dry. Always water enough to soak the soil to the bottom of the pot and discard the excess water. If you don’t water enough, the plant will wilt mid the lower leaves will drop. If you water too much the lower leaves will yellow and then drop.

Caring For Your Poinsettia

If you keep your plant for several months, apply a soluble houseplant fertilizer, once or twice a month according to the manufacturers recommendations.

When shopping for a poinsettia, look for:

  • Dark green or red, dense and plentiful foliage and buds.
  • Tightly-clustered buds to last throughout the holiday season.
  • The smallest leaves surrounding the buds to be fully colored.
  • Avoid plants with yellow, greenish-white, or sagging leaves.
  • As with any plant, make sure your poinsettia is free from insects and diseases.

When you have chosen the perfect poinsettia, don’t leave it in your car while you continue shopping. An indoor plant that’s exposed to cold winds and temperatures below 50° F can be damaged or killed. Get the store to bag the plant, but be sure to remove any wrapping as soon as you get home. Cared-for properly,  the poinsettia will give you weeks of color and pleasure.

By Victoria Stone

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