What To Buy At Lowes In December

It’s December, its Christmas, its crazy time. Shopping Lowes in December can be hectic! Although you can find good prices, not everything is going to be a good deal. Online shoppers will spend more money this month than any other. … Read More +

Understanding Home Loans and Home Equity

Look at any bank’s website and you’ll find many options for home loans and home equity loans. Both allow you to borrow against the value of your home. Here’s what the terms mean and the differences between a home equity … Read More +

Lowes VS Home Depot Black Friday Deals

Lowes Black Friday VS Home Depot Black Friday. And if you have a Menards in your area, check them out too! Black Friday certainly has changed in the past few years. But like last year, expect the second holiday season … Read More +

Lowes Home Depot Poinsettia Black Friday

Update: 11/21: Check back often as Black Friday items may change. This .99 cent poinsettia has been a customer favorite for years at Lowes and Home Depot. Update: Looks like the .99 cent poinsettia is not available this year. Most … Read More +

Those Crazy Instant Pot Pressure Cookers

This post is a sponsored post. We received compensation from the sponsor. This post is entirely the opinion and review of the sponsor. You’ve probably seen or heard about the Instant Pot. It is a smart Electric Pressure Cooker that … Read More +