Kitchen Updates For Less Than You Think

A kitchen remodel is the usually the most expensive room to make any improvements to. Even simple kitchen update projects like painting the walls, replacing a few cabinets or new sinks and faucets can cost $5,000 or more. But there … Read More +

Choosing A New Push Mower

Lowes Push Mowers. A healthy lawn can greatly improve your home’s overall look and appeal, and a good lawn mower makes lawn maintenance a simple and enjoyable task.  Lowes push mowers are comfortable to use and a good fit for … Read More +

Lowes Discount Coupons Codes and Gift Cards

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Lowes Coronavirus Update

With the coronavirus spreading across the United States, people are adjusting to their new normal due to COVID-19. Lowes employees and shoppers are working from home, homeschooling their children and shopping only for essentials. Lowes Coronavirus Update May 1st, 2020 … Read More +