What To Buy At Lowes In December

It’s December, its Christmas, its crazy time. Shopping Lowes in December can be hectic! Although you can find good prices, not everything is going to be a good deal. Online shoppers will spend more money this month than any other. … Read More +

Lowes Veterans Day Discount

Veterans Day is soon approaching and Lowes wants to thank all of our veterans for serving in the military and defending our great country!  Many stores including Home Depot, Menards and WalMart, and many restaurants are offering discounts and meals … Read More +

Blackstone Griddles | Why Are They So Popular?

Blackstone griddles are an amazing way to enjoy barbecue from backyard cookouts to tailgate parties to a family BBQ. The key difference with using a Blackstone griddle and using a grill is the cooking surface. Griddles have a smooth flat … Read More +

How To Restore A Dark Brown Leather Recliner

How To Make Your Leather Recliner Look Great Again A leather recliner is one of the best pieces of furniture you will ever buy. Leather recliners have a rich warm feel and offer soothing comfort after a long day and … Read More +

Home Depot Military Discount

Home Depot offers a 10% military discount year round to military members, veterans and military spouses. The military discount is for all active and honorably discharged military veterans and their spouses. You will receive 10% off eligible purchases, up to … Read More +