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Scotts My Lawn app has been updated to help simplify lawn care with the tap or swipe of a smartphone or tablet. Using information such as lawn size and grass type the app creates a Lawn Care Plan to generate recommendations for your yard profile. With these recommendations, you’ll no longer have to guess when to seed, feed, or water your lawn.

Scotts My Lawn app provides advice and guidance on how to grow a beautiful lawn. When to buy lawn care products like fertilizer and weed control. It even includes a “weed ID” feature and the option to connect directly to lawn care experts.

Instead of hiring a landscaper, this lawn app may be the best way to get expert help for your yard all season long, especially in the spring.

After downloading the app, it will prompt you to follow a few simple steps, so your personal Lawn Care Plan can be created. For instance, it asked me to enter the current size of my lawn, location, and grass type before it generated an analysis.

Scotts Lawn Care App Download

My Lawn is a free app for Apple and Android operating systems. Scott’s My Lawn is available for free on the itunes App Store and Google Play My Lawn App

The app reviews your lawn profile and sends you notifications. Like what products, you should use to feed or seed your lawn. You then note within the app if you “applied” or “skipped” this task. Depending on your response the app will build the rest of your lawn care plan for the rest of the year.   

The app also recommends how much you should be watering your lawn so your grass remains healthy. The app also has the capability to read the amount of rainfall your yard may have received recently. If rain is projected in the upcoming forecast,  users can adjust the watering recommendation.

There are also plenty of resources, articles, and helpful tips included with the app.

From Scotts Lawn Care:

My Lawn Care Plan:  Input your lawn information and the app will create your custom Lawn Care Plan. Weed and feed, weed control and grub treatment recommendations for the entire year. Activities are organized by season. You can learn more about the specifics of each activity and the best lawn care products for your yard.

Easily keep track of the products you’ve applied so you never miss out on essential lawn care needs. Create custom notes and add other lawn-based activities to your Plan and receive reminders so you never forget. Use Overview to view your full year of landscaping activities.

Common Questions About The My Lawn App:

Why is the app not suggesting a weed and feed?

We have created hundreds of lawn care plans based on location, grass type and the lawn conditions entered into the app. Any one of those inputs could play a role in the product suggestions. However, most likely it is due to one of three factors:

  • You indicated weeds are not a major issue in your lawn.
  • Based on other conditions we are recommending a seeding product instead.
  • You didn’t pick a grass type therefore we can’t recommend a weed and feed, or you have a grass type for which we don’t recommend a weed and feed.

To add a weed and feed, such as Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed or Scotts Bonus S, simply swap out your spring feeding with a weed and feed that is labeled for your grass type.

You can also add a spot treatment product, like Ortho Weed B Gon to your plan. Always read and follow label directions.

So how do I add or substitute a product in my plan?

We made the app flexible to allow for that. To add a product, use the + symbol in the app, choose the proper category, choose the product you wish to add, tap “Use This Product” at the bottom of the app, then choose a date.

Need to substitute a product? Tap the product you wish to substitute from the Activities tab on the Plan screen, tap “Edit” at the top right, tap “Edit Activity,” then tap “Change Product.” Choose the product you plan to use and save the date. Deviating from your product recommendations may affect your results.

What if I’m using the Scotts 4 STEP Plan?

Simply use the steps above for substituting a product as follows:

  • For Scotts Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Control, substitute Scotts STEP 1
  • For Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed substitute Scotts STEP 2
  • For Scotts Turf Builder substitute Scotts Scotts STEP 3
  • For Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard substitute Scotts STEP 4

How do I keep track of products I apply?

That’s easy, because the app does it for you, but only with a little work from you. Simply tap on “APPLIED” when product is due and save the date.

It can also calculate how much mulch you need, send lawn care and weed control tips based on the season. Includes access to Scotts Miracle Gro representatives to discuss products and answer questions.

The app will save 3 years worth of activities, so you can remember what you did in the prior years.

Scott’s My Lawn is available for free on the itunes App Store and Google Play Lawn App

By Victoria Stone