9 Ways to Keep Cool Just Like Grandma and Grandpa Did

Sure, you could just turn on their air conditioning, but not everyone has that option. And even if you do, you might be looking to save money on your electric bill. Hot summer temperatures are unavoidable for most of us, but do you cool down a room without AC?

It’s possible and easier than think! We havent always had the convenience of air conditioning. Your grandparents and probably even your parents survived well without it. Some of us still may live in a house or apartment without air conditioning. Here are a few common tips and a few which you’ve probably never heard.

9 Ways To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Keep the curtains and blinds closed. Up to 30 percent of summer heat comes from your windows, and by closing your shades and curtains you save you on bills and lower indoor temperatures by about 10 degrees. Closing the blinds prevents your home from heating up and becoming a greenhouse. Pay close attention to any south and west facing windows.

Use a fan. Simple and effective way to cool off a room. Use the fan by itself or fill a bowl with ice and position it at an angle in front of a fan so the air whips around creating a nice cooling effect.

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Drink plenty of water. This one sounds simple, but many people don’t follow it. Keep a glass of ice water around you all day. Forget about coffee, pop and juice. There is nothing that will beat the heat better than a nice cold glass of water. You should drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and healthy according to the Center for Disease Control.

Freeze your pillow. Yup, my grandparents did this and I do too! You can buy the fancy frozen pillows on Amazon or just make your own. Take a ziploc bag or two and fill it with ice. Stuff it in your pillow and enjoy and good nights sleep. Double bag it and make sure it doesn’t leak! If you can find one, you can use an old fashioned hot water bottle too!

Turn off the lights. Dont generate any more heat than you need to. Leaving your lights on when you dont need to will bring up the temperature. Regular light bulbs are not energy efficient, but the bigger problem in the summer is the heat they generate.

Reverse your ceiling fan and turn on the bath fan too. Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch for the summer but many people dont use it. Heat rises, so reversing the fan blades brings the cooler air upwards. And your bath fans can help push some of that hot air outside.

Use your grill and cook less inside. Ok, I know you cant grill every meal, but you can cook less on the oven. Cooking indoors raises the temperature so try something on the grill or have salad and sandwiches when its hot out.

Put a wet sheet in front of a window. This is what many people did before air conditioning. Soak a bed sheet in plain water, ring it out a bit but keep it damp. Then hang it in front of a window.

Wear loose fitting clothing. Wear soft cotton shirts and shorts. It helps keep you cool, while helping to keep sweat away. Heavy fabrics cling to your skin and trap sweat which adds a layer of heat between your clothes and your body. You can try those new cooling towels too.

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Keep Drinking Water and Close the Curtains

Two of these tips are very important.

  1. Keep drinking that ice water.
  2. Keep those curtains closed.

You will feel much cooler just drinking a glass of water. And if you keep the sunlight out, your house will definitely be cooler. Living through a hot summer without AC might seem impossible but our grandparents did it all the time! You can too and learn a few new things in the process.