May Shopping: What to Buy at Lowes for Home and Garden

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 02:21 pm

What to buy at Lowes in May.  Well, Graduations, Mothers Day and Memorial Day all happen this month.  Next to Black Friday and the holiday season, May is one of the best times to get a deal at Lowes. For some items, you may have to be a little patient and wait until closer to the end of the month, but the wait is worth it.

Memorial Day sales will dominate the month of May.  As summer gets closer, you’ll see a lot of promotions for power tools, trees, shrubs and plants, grass seed, cookware, kitchen gadgets, patio furniture,  BBQ grills and refrigerators.

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From Mothers Day To Memorial Day

From Mother’s Day sales to Memorial Day sales to spring clean up discounts, there is a variety of products and services ripe for purchase if you know when and where to shop Mother’s Day sales to Memorial Day sales to spring clean up discounts, there is a variety of products and services ripe for purchase if you know when and where to shop.

Stores want you to believe that every holiday weekend in the summer will feature some of the deepest discounts of the season, but that isn’t always the case.

However, we know that Memorial Day promotions tend to have the best sales of the spring.

The month of May comes and so does spring weather. You can put that new-found active spirit to good use by hitting the stores or going online for the best buys in May. Read on for what you should be looking for this month.

Refrigerators.  Unlike the other major appliances, most manufacturers roll out their new models of refrigerators in the summer. This means that last year’s models get discounted during the spring. Clearance prices on last years models started in April and will be gone by the end of the month.

Spring Cleaning Items and Vacuums. Any house with kids knows about cleaning up and probably needs a reliable vacuum.  May is one of the best months to buy one!  New models tend to come out in June, which means that retailers need to sell the outgoing models in May. Look for special pricing on lawn and leaf bags, cleaning buckets, mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies.

Patio Furniture. Now is the time to start thinking about patio furniture. Start thinking about it, but don’t purchase unless its at least 25% off regular price.  New models and styles are at full price and  put on display at the front of the store.  Don’t be tempted just yet, but look for the deals. Best time to buy patio furniture is late in the season.

May is a popular month for home improvement projects

As the weather starts to warm up and people begin to prepare their homes for summer. Here are some popular home improvement projects for May:

  1. Outdoor projects: With warmer weather, May is a great time to do those outdoor projects such as landscaping, building decks or patios, and installing outdoor lighting.
  2. Window replacement: May is also a good time to replace those old windows and improve the energy efficiency of your home before the hot summer months arrive.
  3. Painting: A fresh coat of paint does wonders for your home! Interior and exterior painting projects are common in May as the weather is mild and comfortable for working inside or out.
  4. Roof repair: Spring showers may reveal any leaks or damage to the roof from snow and ice. May a good time to address any necessary roof repairs or replacements.
  5. Kitchen and bathroom renovations: May is a good time to update your kitchen and bathroom. Do those renovations before the summer rush, including updating countertops, cabinets, and fixtures.
  6. Flooring: With the weather getting warmer, May is a popular time to replace flooring and update the look of a home with new carpet, wood or tile flooring.

These are just a few of the popular home improvement projects for May. Remember to plan ahead and prioritize projects based on your budget and time constraints.

Wait For Lowes Memorial Day Weekend Savings

Grills, Charcoal, Lighter Fluid and BBQ Accessories.  May is the best month to buy anything related to grilling.  Get that new grill you wanted now.  Most stores will have free assembly, offer free grill covers or accessories, or even free delivery on deluxe models.  You can’t pass this one up.

Be patient for end-of-May Memorial Day deals.  You have the whole month to plan for some big savings; with Memorial Day weekend and its reliable three-day opportunity for price breaks, you can score some discounted purchases to round out your spring cleaning tasks and start your summer off right.

In general, you’ll see big discounts during Memorial Day weekend, but you’ll want to keep an eye out for grills, patio, fertilizer, garden annuals, lumber and decking, power tools and weed killers. Also check your local paper and online for specials and discount coupons that will give you extra savings.

And Lowe’s will offer major savings on much of your kick off to summer project needs too, so if there’s a home project you’ve been holding out on, check your local ads for price cuts on paint, garden supplies and landscaping materials. Lowes stores are also likely to offer free delivery on certain purchases like appliances, grills, deck packages and garden tractors.

By Victoria Stone

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