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When Does Lowes Mark Down plants?

At Lowe’s, markdowns on plants happen throughout the year, but especially during summer sale events and during promotions. Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day are great times to get deals.

If you’ve ever wondered when the best days are to shop for markdown plants, let’s get started on plant markdown shopping and get a beautiful garden on a budget.

What Day Does Lowe’s Usually Markdown Plants?

Monday plant Markdowns

While midweek is very common for plant markdowns, smart shoppers know that Mondays offer the best opportunity to find discounted and markdown plants at Lowe’s. Here’s why:

After the Weekend shoppers

After a busy weekend of high traffic and sales, Lowe’s employees and managers often take a look at the plant inventory to make room for new stock. This can lead to plant markdowns on Monday as the store clears out plants that didn’t sell over the weekend or have become distressed. By visiting on Monday, you might find fresh discounts on plants that were previously overlooked by weekend shoppers.

Early Week Strategy for plant markdowns

Mondays are generally quieter shopping days compared to the weekend, providing a less crowded and more relaxed shopping experience. With fewer customers, you have a better chance of finding recently marked down plants before they are picked over.

Restocking Preparations

In preparation for the rest of the week, especially if a new shipment is expected, Lowe’s starts marking down plant stock on Monday. This ensures that they have ample space for new arrivals and maintains the quality and freshness of their plant selection.

Ask the Employees

Each Lowes store is different, but Monday is a common day for restocking and organizing inventory as store employees are busy watering plants, updating displays and pricing. This can be an excellent opportunity to ask employees and managers about plant markdowns or any plants that might be marked down soon. Building a good relationship with the garden center employees can lead to a few tips and better chances of scoring the best deals.

Best Time of Day

Arriving early in the morning is often the best strategy. Lowe’s staff tends to restock and update inventory overnight or in the early hours on Monday, meaning markdowns are usually fresh and not yet picked over. Aim to be at the store when it opens or shortly thereafter to have the first pick of newly discounted plants.

When to find deals on plants at Lowe’s

Local climate, regional gardening trends, and inventory levels can influence the exact timing. Keep an eye on the calendar for major holidays and special events. Lowe’s often has significant sales during Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends. During these periods, markdowns can extend throughout the week, providing several opportunities to find great deals.

How Easy Is It to Find Markdown Plants?

Finding markdown plants at Lowe’s can be a straightforward and rewarding process if you know what to look for and where to go. Lowes wants to get rid of these markdown plants fast. They want fresh (and full price) plants at the front of the garden center to show off vibrant colors and variety. Here’s how you can easily spot the markdowns.

plant Markdown Signage and Tags

Lowe’s makes it simple to identify markdown plants through distinct signage and tags. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  • Color-Coded Tags: Markdown plants often have brightly colored tags, such as yellow or red, indicating clearance or special pricing.
  • Discount Labels: Look for tags with specific phrases like “Clearance,” “Manager’s Special,” or “Reduced Price.”
  • Signage: Clearance sections are usually marked with signs that clearly indicate discounted items.

Designated plant markdowns Clearance Sections

Markdown plants are often grouped together in designated clearance sections within the Lowes garden center. These areas are typically located towards the back or sides of the plant section, making them easy to spot once you know where to look. This approach allows you to quickly browse through discounted options without having to search the entire garden center.

Look for the green carts

Lowes is sort of famous for those green rolling carts you see at the stores. On Monday’s, they will be filled with distressed and markdown plants, shrubs and occasionally a few trees! Many times its just a matter of giving those plants a little care to bring them back to looking good again. A little water, maybe some fertilizer and mulch and you are good to go.

Employee Assistance

Don’t hesitate to ask Lowe’s employees for assistance in locating markdown plants. Staff members are usually knowledgeable about current sales and can direct you to recently discounted items. Remember, Lowes wants to get rid of these distressed plants as fast as they can.

Get Those Plant Markdowns Deals And Save

Great deals on plant markdowns at Lowe’s can be both an enjoyable and cost-effective way to enhance your garden. With a bit of knowledge and strategic planning, you can take advantage of plant markdowns and seasonal sales to build a lush, beautiful garden without breaking the bank.

Monday is the best day

Understanding your local Lowe’s markdown schedule is the first step. Keep an eye on Monday, but know that midweek days, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays, are the second best times for markdowns. Mondays always work for me as after weekend shopping can offer unexpected bargains on plants that didn’t sell during the weekend.

Look for the plant markdowns signs

Spotting summer markdown plants at Lowe’s is straightforward due to their clear signage and tagging system. Brightly colored tags and prominent clearance labels make it easy to identify discounted items. Familiarizing yourself with the store layout, particularly the designated clearance sections, to make your search easier. Regular visits to these areas, especially during key markdown days, can maximize your chances of finding the best deals.

Don’t forget plant care tools

Now that you have your discounted plants, you need to take care of them. Take a look at planting tools, fertilizers, garden hoses and Amazon for plant care deals.

Review the sales and get to know the employees

Don’t forget to leverage all available resources to stay informed about current and upcoming sales. Weekly ads, flyers, and the Lowe’s mobile app can provide valuable insights for ongoing promotions. Joining Lowe’s Garden Club not only keeps you in the loop with exclusive deals but also offers tips and alerts that can give you an edge in finding markdown plants.

Building relationships with Lowe’s employees can also be beneficial. Staff members can provide insider tips on when markdowns typically occur and guide you to the best deals. Their knowledge about inventory, markdowns and sales can be a valuable asset when looking for discounted plants.

I’ve found that the key to finding deals on markdown plants all summer at Lowe’s is about timing, observation and just chatting up the employees. By shopping strategically and being mindful of the store’s markdown patterns, you can create a thriving garden filled with a diverse array of plants, all purchased at a fraction of the regular price. Happy gardening, and I hope your next visit to Lowe’s results in beautiful, budget-friendly plants.

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